Server and PC Installation

IA Support is at the forefront of IT support and innovation. For over 16 years now, we have assisted small and medium businesses through our professional IT support services and solutions.

Professional and Reliable Installations.

IT hardware equipment comes with instructions in the box on how to set up and configure. However, not everyone has the technical know-how to perform the task correctly. In the case of network installations and server installations, the process is tedious and complex. Additional considerations like lag time such as when migrating operating systems, applications and data, have to be taken into account as well. With a professionally executed server or PC installation, these considerations will be properly attended to so that the entire process is non-disruptive thus keeping the enterprise in business-as-usual mode even during the process.

Branded and Unbranded Equipment.

Our team is composed of seasoned engineers who are well-informed on the host of systems in use in the IT field. As a long established IT consultancy and IT support business, we have top-notch connections with trusted and industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality IT products, applications, and solutions as well. We make it a point to deliver only the best practices in server installation and PC installation projects that we are commissioned to perform. So whether it is branded or unbranded equipment you need to have set up, we guarantee that we have the expertise to install and configure it to your requirements.

Certified Cisco Network Installers.

IA Support is composed of the brightest and the most qualified professionals in the field of Information Technology. The members of our team have received the appropriate IT professional training and certification from world renowned institutions such as Cisco and Microsoft. When you partner with us, you can rest assured knowing that the team working on your enterprise’s PC installation or server installation project has the expertise and professionalism to deliver top-notch work every single time.

Software Installations.

IA Support does not only see to hardware installation requirements. We are also capable of installing and configuring software solutions that are suitable for your enterprise’s particular needs. We can advise you on the complementary programs that can help guarantee your newly installed PC or server’s integrity and efficiency as well. We can direct you to the most effective anti-virus solutions, for instance, to ensure that your enterprise’s IT network will be free from unscrupulous digital intrusions all the time.

Why choose us for your professional server and pc installation needs?

IA Support has long been in the field of IT consultancy and IT support. Our years of experience in the arena have allowed us to garner the appropriate expertise as well as connections to reputable and industry-leading suppliers of IT products, applications, and solutions. When you partner with us, we guarantee to provide only the best quality equipment and will work closely with you to ensure that the IT infrastructure we design and set up for you is the most appropriate and most efficient for your business.