Network Installation

IA Support has helped countless small and medium sized businesses establish robust IT systems through our professional network installation services.

Professional Network Installation Service.

IT systems have transformed the way business is conducted. Back then, mammoth companies were the only ones utilising IT systems. Now, even small and medium enterprises leverage the power of these technologies as its use not only reduces operational costs, it also helps these enterprises fare better in the global marketplace.
With IT systems figuring in such an essential role in day to day business operations, it is prudent to ensure your systems are dependable. IT systems that have been established by professionals, something which we at IA Support can deliver, are the only ones guaranteed to be robust and reliable every time.

Top-notch Network Installation Services.

IA Support is composed of the best and the brightest in the IT consultancy and IT support arenas. Our team is made up of seasoned engineers as well as Cisco-accredited network infrastructure designers and structured cabling installers. We have long been in the industry and we have assisted countless businesses in establishing professionally established secure IT systems. Partner with us and we guarantee to deliver IT services that are second to none.

Our Process.

IA Support acknowledges that every enterprise will have unique IT system requirements and specifications. This is why we see to it to first conduct a one-on-one consultation with the client to understand these needs and expectations. We then undertake a survey of the office prior to commencing the IT Infrastructure design. For growing businesses with network or equipment already existing, we conduct an inventory of the latter to shortlist those that can still be utilised as well as identify potential problem areas. After which, the final network installation design will be drawn up as well as a detailed list of any additional requirements.

Complementary Services.

IA Support offers a wide range of IT support solutions to supplement our professional network installation services. We can provide IT system security and disaster recovery mechanisms, for instance, to ensure your business’s database is accessible 24/7 and always safe from dangers of fire and theft. We offer on-site and off-site network and PC maintenance as well, a solution that is especially ideal for enterprises that do not have an in-house IT support and maintenance team. Every enterprise will have varying needs and we at IA Support can competently direct you to the IT solutions that are most appropriate for your unique operational requirements.

Our Expertise at Your Disposal.

We take pride in our delivery of second to none professional IT services. As a committed IT consultancy and IT support firm, we continually seek out the latest innovations and best practices in the field as well. When you partner with Internet Assist, our team of seasoned IT professionals will be at your beck and call, ready to help you with your enterprise’s network and computer systems concerns.