Disaster Recovery

IA Support is a leading IT consultancy and IT support firm helping small and medium sized businesses with setting up and maintaining robust IT networks as well as ensuring their respective data is secure and easily accessible any time.

Disaster and Recovery Protection.

Computer systems have become an integral part of business operations. Without them, accessing an enterprise’s database to facilitate sending out information on promotional offers, for instance, won’t be possible. Computer systems have become so indispensable to efficient operations that even fledgling and small businesses cannot do without them. Essential as they may be, these machines are prone to damage. This is why it’s crucial to set up particular mechanisms in place to ensure that your business’s crucial database is protected from failures outside of the computer systems such as theft and fire.

Disaster and Recovery Planning.

Setting disaster and recovery mechanism in place is akin to getting insurance for your business. The former ensures all your enterprise’s crucial data, from the list of clients, to detailed listings of products and/or services offered, to accounting books, are all kept safely and securely, away from any digital intrusions and material disasters like fire and theft.
This being said, every prudent owner who utilises IT systems in business operations must see to it to have said mechanism in place. IA Support has years of demonstrated experience in the IT support field and we will guide you all the way from disaster recovery planning, through implementation, and all the way through maintenance.

Secure Your Data.

There is a wide array of options to store and secure your data as well as ensure that it is easily accessible. There is the cloud hosting option that’s basically storing data in off-site servers so that it can be accessed any time and anywhere there is access to the Internet. Setting up replication servers or spare PCs housed offsite that serve as backup is yet another method for securing data. IA Support is highly knowledgeable on these and we can offer straight talking advice as to the solutions appropriate for your enterprise’s particular needs. You will never again have to worry about lost or corrupted data or have to make do with system interruptions that can cost you clients.

Our Own Data Centre.

IA Support is a leading IT firm based in Maldon, Essex. As a long established IT consultancy and IT support company, we have the competence and expertise as well as the wealth of resources to assist you in your disaster recovery needs. We have our very own secure data centre that is guaranteed to be up and running 24/7 to ensure our clients don’t ever experience downtimes and have easy access to their data whenever they need it.

Let IA Support help you.

Partner with us and you will have our team of engineers and certified IT professionals’ expertise at your disposal. And we offer a wide array of IT consultancy and IT support services so you will never again have to look to another company to find help on complex and tedious IT requirements for your business.