IA Support is an industry-leading IT consultancy firm that also offers a whole range of IT support services and solutions. In our years of operation, we have helped small and medium sized businesses alike by providing top-notch advice and solutions for varying IT systems needs.

Professional IT Consultancy.

IA Support is a long established firm endeavouring to deliver second to none IT consultancy and IT support services and so make it a point to garner proficiency in the current technologies as well as be constantly informed on the latest innovations in the field. This then gives us the best position to provide straight talking advice on how to best utilise a business’s existing IT infrastructure as well as direct clients to the latest technologies, equipment, and solutions that may further improve an enterprise’s workflow and overall operations.

What We Can Offer.

IA Support always makes it a point to help our clients leverage the power of the latest and upcoming IT technologies. We strive to always provide the most cost-efficient solutions as well. Partner with us and we can help you on your business’ IT concerns.

  • Project Management. Our team of seasoned engineers and fully accredited IT professionals can readily assist in planning and implementing a project regardless of size. So whether it is a small data migration requirement or a complicated real-time network upgrade project, you can rest assured knowing the team who will see to your IT needs has the expertise and the practical experience to competently carry out the task.
  • Network Design. IT networks have become more and more complex. Back then, a network was only composed of a few PCs often housed inside one room or one building. This certainly is not the case now as networks now may be connected to the Internet, utilising IP telephony and video conferencing capabilities, integrating multiple computers not necessarily housed in one location, and networking manifold sites all having synchronised access to the same data. Our seasoned IT team will help you plan and implement a network installation design with future-proofing in mind to ensure your network’s viability for years to come.
  • Disaster and Recovery Protection. Sometimes, issues outside of the IT systems which can compromise the database’s integrity can arise. This underscores the importance of setting up disaster and recovery mechanisms in place to ensure your data will not get stolen or be damaged by fire. Internet Assist offers disaster and recovery planning and offers a whole host of options such as setting up spare PCs housed off-site, utilising cloud backups, and creating replication servers to contain your data.
  • Remote Working. Not all businesses have the resources to maintain an in-house team just for the purpose of PC support or PC maintenance, for instance. We acknowledge this and so offer a whole range of remote site support and maintenance solutions to help you keep your IT system’s viability without the considerable costs.