IT Support – your own IT Department 24/7.

Our team offers an immediate response to your IT enquiry, proactive monitoring, remote management with a strategic approach to your IT requirements.  If you are looking to outsource your IT provisions to the right partner IA Support is the right choice.

Server and PC Installation

Professional and Reliable IT Support and installations.

We have a team of seasoned engineers and certified IT professionals and they will assist you in setting up viable and robust IT networks according to your requirements.

      • Branded verses Unbranded Equipment – We are highly knowledgeable in both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and unbranded IT hardware and can help you in all of your IT concerns regardless of the type of equipment you may already be utilising or are looking to employ for your business operations.
      • Certified Microsoft & Cisco Network Installers – We make sure to include only highly qualified IT professionals into our team. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that the crew working on your IT concerns have been thoroughly trained and certified by premier IT-accrediting institutions such as Cisco and Microsoft.
      • Software Installations – We can advise you to the most appropriate applications and programs to use to ensure streamlined business operations every time. We will also advise you on the most ideal anti-virus mechanisms to guard your data and IT network from unscrupulous digital intrusions.

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Site Support & Maintenance

Technical Site Support & Maintenance.

We at IA Support make sure we tailor-fit your onsite IT support and maintenance services we provide to ensure total client satisfaction.

      • On site technical support – Our team of IT professionals are at your beck and call to assist in any technical issues that you may arise on site.
      • Hardware support – IA Support has years of experience and is ready to provide you with the latest in IT hardware. When you partner with us, you will no longer need to wait for days just to get the network equipment your business urgently needs. Of course, we will make sure to set the hardware up for you and extend any follow-up maintenance services to ensure your business is up and running to your requirements.
      • Remote Desktop support – We can help design and implement a remote IT support mechanism for your business, a solution that ensures reduced costs as the need to maintain an in-house IT team can be eliminated.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Recovery Protection.

Ensuring data integrity and accessibility can now be done in a cost-efficient method through our bespoke disaster recovery solutions.

      • Disaster and Recovery Planning – We can direct you to the right solutions to protect your data from real risks like fire as well as electronic and actual theft.
      • Secure your Data – We offer a range of solutions like setting up mirrored PCs housed offsite, setting up replication servers, and utilising cloud storage to ensure your data is secure all the time.
      • Our own Datacentre – IA Support has its very own robust data centre to extend virtual hosting needs to small and medium sized businesses with rigorous data protection requirements.

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